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Baby Builders, Oakland CA     -     Bilingual Pediatric Therapy Clinic


This class is for toddlers and children 18-48 months who are at risk for developmental and social-emotional delays. The playgroup teachers are child development professionals and are available to answer any questions you may have about your child's development or behavior. 


Class activities include music therapy, educational games, and sensory play. These activities will help your child learn:


• gross and fine motor skills

• language development

• personal/social skills

• Exploring animal sounds

• Sensory activities

• All about me - developing your child's sense of self

• Dress up games - dressing independently, using buttons and zippers, learning clothing vocabulary

• Learning the vowels - tips for teaching letter recognition

• The importance of reading with your child

• Bilabial sounds (M, B, and P)

Please call Baby Builders at (510) 388-3664 to find a playgroup near you.


Class topics include:


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