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Baby Builders, Oakland CA     -     Bilingual Pediatric Therapy Clinic

A Bilingual Pediatric Clinic

Physical, Speech, Occupational & Early Intervention Therapy

“Graciela is amazing. Truly.
I brought my daughter to Baby Builders when she was about 6 weeks old to treat Torticollis.
Graciela goes about it completely differently - treating my baby like a BABY, and singing her songs while she does her magic. I saw results after just one visit and never dreaded going since my baby was a happy camper in her care.”

”Five stars for this place...I brought my kid in at around 17 or 18 months because he was not walking..Ms. Graciela was fabulous...with her guidance he was walking by his second appointment.....It was such a blessing..we paid out of insurance costs for this place and was totally worth it...”


Baby Builders mission is to enhance your child’s physical capacity and successfully help him or her to achieve developmental milestones in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

We believe that parents and caregivers play a vital role in a child’s development. For this reason, we keep an open dialogue with you at all times. This communication allows us to work together to achieve our common goal: helping your child.

Baby Builders is an Oakland-based clinic providing Pediatric and Physical, Occupational and  Speech Therapy Services. We treat children who are at risk for developmental and global delays.  Our focus is treating children with Down syndrome, prematurity,

cerebral palsy, and those on the autistic spectrum.  Speech and Occupational therapists treat children with speech and language delays, or challenges with feeding and eating.


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Baby Builders offers an initial consultation by our trained staff to determine the needs of your child.

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To make an appointment, Baby Builders needs your child’s diagnosis & medical records. A doctor’s referral is preferred, but not required. Be sure to bring a copy of your insurance card & driver’s license to the office. Generally, an appointment can be made within a one to two week time frame.

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Baby Builders is in network with most insurers. At the time of your appointment you will be charged our negotiated rate.  You will be provided a “super bill” with the information required by your insurance.  It’s your responsibility then to submit billing and receive reimbursement by your insurance.  Baby Builders doesn’t bill your insurance.

Baby Builders, Oakland CA     -     Bilingual Pediatric Therapy Clinic

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